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Why PR?

29 Nov

Where did i get the name Peaceful Riot? Well i was trying to come up with the best way to describe ME. i’m a lover not a fighter, i like to promote peace more than i like to start riots. and don’t get me wrong, i don’t start these riots on purpose, i just feel strongly about certain things and never afraid to stand my ground..every day i’m faced with challenges and forced to keep calm and practice patience (which i surprisingly have none of). Writing is my release…as long as i have that I can keep the weight of this Fd up world off of my shoulders. so as long as people keep peace with me, i keep peace with people 🙂 don’t disrupt nirvana…and don’t blow my high.


More Peace than Riots

28 Nov

Welcome to my blog!! its been a long time coming. I’ve started two other blogs and ended up abandoning them and never getting back to the thing i love most, writing! i love to write…mostly about things i can relate to, its such a stress reliever! i also like to see that other people can relate to me…no one wants to feel alone in the world. everyone loves that “oh you too?” feeling 🙂 i plan on blogging every day and actually continuing this time, even if i have to blog just to share how my day went haha. a few things that you’ll find out about me from reading my blog; i love love! God is love and i do believe that we can do better as a whole to do on earth as it is done in heaven, i’m a peace activist (big time)…i’m what you would call a modern day hippie (except i don’t do those hard drugs haha), i’m a natural lover (SUPPORT PINK PHARAOH) its a movement!, i can get a little crazy when i feel strongly about something or if i get really mad (which is rare because no one wants to see that side of me), i’m a scorpio 😉 enough said, and i have a hard time sticking to things so wish me luck!! PHILANTHROPIST IN THE MAKING! Follow me! comment! give me feedback! i appreciate it all!! :-*