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Learning WP

14 Dec

So I just learned how to add categories on my WordPress! Woohoo! A little more organization to my madness 🙂 but, is there a way to go back and categorize what you already posted??



14 Dec

It seems like at the point when almost everything is going right…I can’t even enjoy it because at this point I’m drained. It almost feels like the calm before the storm. Or waiting so long for something that when it comes you no longer crave it. Idk it’s just not as enjoyable as I would have liked it to…I think it’s my brain saying my work is not done, there is so much left to be done. But my feelings are drained. I feel that with dealing with people you just have to take them how they come. Not necessarily a great thing but not bad either, my expectations have lessened but not my standards. So I find myself in this idc bubble anymore bc everything happens so unexpectedly you can not prepare for life anymore! As far as working hard for friendships, corporate America, love, etc is starting to seem very irrelevant and all that matters to me is the growth of SELF AND FAMILY. Right now where I ONLY HAVE TO think of myself makes me more prone to changes. And that’s what I would like to see. Yes my life is drama less right now…but it feels stagnant. I rather move forward through good & bad experiences that will take me to a million good places than to be at a standstill in one good place. That’s just me though.

Day 11

12 Dec

Day 11 was fairly easy as far as dieting goes. For breakfast i had a banana nd two packs of oatmeal, then i had a cup of mandarin oranges, when lunchtime rolled around i was surprisingly not hungry and had a bag of chips (310 calories omg!). I didn’t eat again until dinner, Fried fish (2 pieces), rice, and string beans. Still working on portions but i didn’t have a lot of anything but the two pieces of fish. hey gotta start somewhere! #diaryofafoodaddict


12 Dec

I had an epiphany last night. I’m SLACKING! big time! my fast is all over the place, i am all over the place, my life is all over the place and i can not deal lol I HAVE to get to where i need to be physically and mentally. HEALTHY IS THE NEW SEXY (lol 🙂 ) Tonight i am sitting down and writing myself a STRICT diet. Writing out what I am eliminating. Getting my workout together. all that! I have to get back in school and start molding my future to the way i need it to be. I am not living up to my own expectations and definitely not living up to my full potential. I know feeling good starts with looking good so that is where i will start my focus. Also school and Pink Pharaoh (if you’re still clueless about that, look us up on your favorite social network). The new year is approaching and i will be 24 next year >.<, I HAVE To get serious about life. Lord teach me to be consistent!!


I have always b…

11 Dec

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.

J. B. Priestley

a blur.

11 Dec

Day 10, was a complete blur. Not because i was in my (diaryofafoodaddict mode) but because i just had a lot going on. it was definitely a “mournday”. I did good as far as food is concerned…i still haven’t started my workouts though 😦 and i’ve decided to replace my #2 fast with shopping for myself. I realized i am fasting from things that feel like they are keeping me back…i spend a good grip shopping for myself, and now…esp during holiday season i feel like i should be giving more and receiving less. i’m all over the place with this fast lol i will get it together one day. but really i would like to be focused on becoming more fit and eating better so i will make that my main focus. I don’t really want to discuss the events that took place yesterday, but i do want to say to make sure you humble yourself people! Pride comes before the fall.


If everyone dem…

10 Dec

If everyone demanded peace instead of a new television set, we would have peace.

-John Lennon