Day 1.

2 Dec

As I told you guys I’m very slack when it comes to remembering to do things like this every day lol well my phone is on 14% and it’s 2:15 am so I’m gonna make this quick. Today marked day 1 of my fast. I’m fasting from, but not limited to..meat (bc I am a food addict I limited myself to one cheat day a wk and I will be eating fish), alcohol (not including wine), smoking anything, and sex…not that I was getting any lol. But today wasn’t so bad. Had a sandwich to start my day and was so busy cleaning forgot to eat anything else until dinner. For dinner I made rice, baked salmon, and asparagus. I clearly have to work on portions 🙊 happy December folks. Ending the year off right and starting with a Big Bang! Stay tuned!!

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