Day 3 – diary of a food addict

4 Dec

Day 3 wasn’t all that difficult. MUCH easier than day 2. I’ve realized that eating every few hours is working for me. For breakfast (around 8 am) i had a 6 oz yogurt, and around 10 am i had ONE pack of cinnamon-raisin oatmeal. 12 pm i had a cup of noodles and didn’t eat again until i got off of work (5 pm) i split a tuna fish sandwich with my cousin. For dinner i had a hoagie around 8 pm (too lazy to cook). i’m feeling okay…still craving food and wondering how i am going to make it through the month (lol) but i know i can do it.  I did not good not eating after 9 pm as scheduled. And green tea and water was my drink of course! 3 is a charm they say, lets hope so!!

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