Giving it up…

4 Dec

So as you should know i am fasting from certain things for the month of December, until New Years Eve i should say. I kept going back and forth with what i was going to fast from…so i came up with a final list that i’m going to document in this post to make sure that i follow it lol I will be honest when i break fast as long as you guys don’t judge me haha. but i am not good at fasting so this will be very hard for me, but i am fasting from:

  • Drinking -except wine, but i promise not to drink to be drunk.
  • Smoking anything
  • Fried food -except fish
  • Pizza -this is my addiction so this will be EXTREMELY hard 😦
  • and only drinking water and green tea. NO EXCEPTIONS

There were some other things that were on the list but i had to be realistic and i am not willing to give up more than what i listed in order to be successful. I am also working on not using profanity…i won’t be fasting from this because honestly, things slip lol but i am working on it!

If you’re fasting as well, comment and let me know what you’re fasting from! we can work together  😉

2 Responses to “Giving it up…”

  1. Ebby December 5, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

    I’m fasting from fried foods, fast food, junk food, and sodas. I’m on day 3. Yesterday I did slip up and have a soda but I did make sure it was diet. For snacks I’ve been eating dry roasted pistachios and granola bars when ever I feel the urge to go run and get a snickers! It’s hard they really tempt me at work because they know I love food and I crave food like nobody’s business.

    • missmckoy December 5, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

      hahaha i’m on Day 5 now and i’m not craving! so i’m sure it will pass, but everyone’s is at a different rate. But it’s good to carry around those low calorie snacks if you have cravings often! i’m glad your soda was diet LOL but try drinking just water and tea rather than just not soda for a while and see if your soda craves change!

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