To God be the glory!

5 Dec

Day 4 was a breeze!! for breakfast i had a yogurt, around 11 am i had a cup of noodles…lunchtime which was around 1, i went to Mcdonalds and tried the fish sandwich. GROSS! maybe it was that mcdonald’s because most of their things that should be good are usually not. for dinner i went to Applebee’s and had the southwest shrimp fetuccini, AMAZING. but it was definitely more of a portion than i wanted. i’m going to try to work on those carbs too because they are the devil LOL i have not been working out 😦 but i know the results i want so i need to go hard. I also want to include prayer in this process (which i hope to carry on after) i need to pray as much as i eat. To God be the glory! without him this will not be possible. He will help me when i can not help myself! Day 5 is the end of the slack period, i have to do better because i have not been as focused as i should. 135 by January! phew!

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