About this money…

10 Dec

I did some thinking over the past week, and i’m really starting to realize i don’t have time for pretty much anything that isn’t benefiting me. I’m getting to that point in my life where I can actually say i did not plan to be here. Thank the good Lord that I am, but these are not the circumstances i aimed for. Right now i am so focused on bettering myself as a whole, i don’t have time for the relationship stuff, or the fake friend stuff, or anything stressful…I have to focus on becoming healthier, fit to where i am more than comfortable, finishing school, and starting a career. If it is not benefiting me, it will eventually become an obstacle…a liability and not an asset. So i have to begin to cut some of the unnecessary out of my life. No new year, new me thing…but new year and a better me. A more focused me. A me that has been missing for way to long. I’m bout me and this money. it gets no tighter than that.

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