a blur.

11 Dec

Day 10, was a complete blur. Not because i was in my (diaryofafoodaddict mode) but because i just had a lot going on. it was definitely a “mournday”. I did good as far as food is concerned…i still haven’t started my workouts though 😦 and i’ve decided to replace my #2 fast with shopping for myself. I realized i am fasting from things that feel like they are keeping me back…i spend a good grip shopping for myself, and now…esp during holiday season i feel like i should be giving more and receiving less. i’m all over the place with this fast lol i will get it together one day. but really i would like to be focused on becoming more fit and eating better so i will make that my main focus. I don’t really want to discuss the events that took place yesterday, but i do want to say to make sure you humble yourself people! Pride comes before the fall.

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