New Year!!

4 Jan

Hey peeps! As you see, i strayed SO far away from my progress. I completely went back on my fast and realized i was really not ready! i had to clear my mind of a few things before i could do this. But I believe my dry spell is over and i am more determined and motivated then i have been in a while. This month i am working on prayer….I feel like i am having these ‘moments’ because i am not listening to what He is telling me! communication is everything. That is a goal of mine to improve my relationship with God! I AM doing a fast this month ( I plan on fasting from SOMETHING each month), this month i am fasting from liquor (not including wine), Fried foods (not including fish), and fast food. I have also worked up some workout plans and will be posting weekly progress! Sunday will begin Week 1. Stay updated folks! I heard insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results so i am definitely insane! searching for a way out of this life. Nothing to it but to do it! Faith without work is DEAD! Happy New Year loves, lets get better!!!!

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