9 Jan

Loves! I am starting my new diet tomorrow folks! If you are trying to find a diet that works for you, if this sounds appealing or reasonable to you, I encourage you to try as well! Again I will do weekly updates!! I (kinda) started it today to see how it would work for me on a daily basis and I think I can do this!! The diet is, two shakes and a meal. SIMPLE! I am ordering shakes from Herba-Life (Google is your friend ;)) , but you can also use the shakes made by Kellogg…or create your own (about 120-180 calories).. You basically drink a shake twice a day and one meal. Whichever meal you want to do is up to you! My Uncle did the diet and lost about 20 lbs a month! I am not so much trying to lose a lot of weight so I may only do the diet for one or two months depending on how it works for me. But my goal is 25 lbs. I will be having a shake for breakfast and lunch and eating a meal (PORTIONS!) for dinner. I know me personally I can not go to sleep without a meal so I chose dinner, helps me sleep better (food addict problems) lol. for snack, fruits and veggies are recommended. & WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! The more you drink, the better. If you can’t only drink water (like myself) try drinking maybe a glass of juice (my preference is Green tea or Orange…MAYBE Apple) once a day. But if you’re a soda drinker, CUT IT OUT (I am not a soda drinker so I can’t relate or tell you it’s easy to quit lol) I will be including exercise for at least 30 minutes a day…I was going to get a gym membership but I have a bike and elliptical at home so I will try at-home workouts to see how I do with that. But I can’t wait to see the results! Healthy is the new sexy! Taking care of ourselves starts with the inside out! I am ready 🙂 I challenge you!!!

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