First few days

13 Jan

I officially started my “two shake diet”! it’s not as hard as i thought it was going to be. I have been replacing my herba life shake with the Kellogg’s breakfast on the go shakes…my herba life shakes aren’t enough for me and i think i am going to get some fruit and blend it with that. I started on working out (went to walmart and finally got my yoga mat, two 5lb dumbells, and a stomach wrap), i do 30 minutes a day on the spinner but i want to incorporate more fitness. My hardest issue with the two shake diet is that sometimes i forget to drink my shakes lol once you start, you find yourself less and less hungrier, which isn’t a bad thing,  but you still need those calories/protein/etc. we don’t want to blow up as soon as we finish our diet! So that’s what i’m working on now….working out more and remembering that i need my meals each day! So far i’ve lost two pounds….will update again later!

My food addiction isn’t as bad as i thought….or is it,

Laced with love, and fat >.<

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