Walk by faith…

22 Jan

If love was real, we would believe what we feel

If compassion was great, we would have less hate

If we counted on prayer, life would be fair

& if in everyone was a little good, we would have hope like we should.

We are told to walk by faith and not by sight, but what is a vision if you can not see. What is a dream if you do not believe? 

In my sleep He came to me, whispered in my ear such a great epiphany. He said when i wake i will see the sun, from that moment faith has begun. I look around and see the trees, how foolish of me to not believe. i touched the ground and i felt love…and then i looked at the skies above. and in the moment, i knew i wasn’t alone….i knew this is where i live, but it wasn’t home. 

If we believed what we feel, love would seem more real.

If we had less hate, compassion would be great.

Realize life is fair, for those who count on prayer. 

A vision isn’t always one you see, and in order to dream…you must believe. Walk by faith, & not be sight…and understand that this is NOT your fight. 

Loving and Believing, 


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