Love Addict

23 Jan

Love is my addiction, i think i need it to survive.

With no love, i rather not be alive.

I need it in my veins, when it hits me i feel no pain.

my love has no shame, and it loves me the same.

love causes you to smile, blush, and glow

why anyone wouldn’t want it, i wouldn’t know.

don’t try to lace my love drug with your hate

and when i get my munchies keep your hands out my plate

yeah, love will have you a little stingy and not wanting to share

but where were you when my love wasn’t there?

Love is my addiction, and i’m always needing a fix

& once i’m feeling really good, i add affection and compassion into my mix

ohhh what it’s like to be that high, oh what it’s like to cry a joyful cry

love i need you to get by, without you i just might die

don’t tell me too much of anything can harm you or worse

because i don’t care, i may even over dose

This ‘drug’ was given to me by the dealer above

and he said there’s nothing wrong with my addiction to love. 



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