Fast-Day 9

30 Jan

Today marks day 9 of my juice fast….it’s getting easier and easier every day (despite the fact that i am PMS’ng currently and craving meat!). I started at 150 and am now at 142. 8 lbs in 9 days!! they say it should be more…you should loose about 10 lbs a week, but i started working out…which idk was a good or bad thing so now my body is building muscle which slowed down my weight loss. So i’m going to stop working out….i want to lose the weight and then once i start back eating i will work out and sculpt my body to where i want it to be. But remember it’s not all about the weight! i’m feeling okay…still feeling that “missing” feeling but this fast has me thinking harder about every aspect of my life. when you can’t eat….to keep your mind off of food you start thinking, what else can i think about…and boy oh boy the things that come to mind. Right now i’m focusing on the good and bad relationships in my life. Trying not to go against what my heart is telling me rather than whats obvious to the eye. Still reading “women, food, and God” and Geneen made some valuable points in the chapter i just finished. She said something along the lines of (or this is what i got from it) there has to be a balance between logic and feelings. Stop going against what your gut is telling you….Be smart about situations but understand that often the gut feeling is the God in you talking…while the logic is simply brain power and ways of the world. But you find that when you follow your heart, you tend to be A LOT happier. Even if your gut is telling you to make the decision logic tells you NOT to…it could be for a lesson that God wants you to learn. Outcome, you can’t outsmart your gut. period. So that’s where i’m at with this…looking at the relationships in my life…my friends, my family, the things they tell me, the things they say…compared to how i feel. Because every big decision or change in your life starts with a choice…and one of those choices is who you have in your life, & why you have them there.

Torn between my head and heart…and hungry,


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