Single, Black, Catch.

30 Jan

So there’s this “situation” if you must that has been on my mind for a while now. I have a friend named, TC…TC is very attractive, in school working on her Masters i believe, own place, own car, very down to earth, and basically an all around good girl. hasn’t been smutted out, family oriented, and doesn’t have any children etc etc. WHY IS SHE SINGLE? & it’s not JUST her…i know a number of women who have the same characteristics and are in the same boat. Guys ask for these things in a women but when given the type of woman he asks for, he folds under pressure and effs it up, just effs it up with no pressure given, or simply just does not go for a girl like her. Instead he goes for the opposite. my perception of it is….they notice the good woman but thinks she deserves better, in other words…a man willing to commit to her. Y’all pass up these good women because you are not ready to commit…or be the man she needs or wants you to be. So you either leave her be or you get her to like you and then ask her to…”wait”.  Am i correct? why are a number of our black women still in the same single category when they are ‘the catch’??? & if my theory is correct…when will you guys grow up and realize he who finds a wife, finds a good thing? one day the run around will get old and by then it will be too late…you’ll go back to that good girl that cared and she will be no more. blah. BTW, you can follow TC on twitter and instagram @TeshiaClashey

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