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Don’t Worry, Be Happy :)!

28 Feb

Hello Lovebugs!!! 

I haven’t written in what seemed like forever! Went on my whole fast and my thoughts started going a mile a minute! i was trying to focus on so much at once. yikes. well as you know i’ve accomplished by 14 day juice, not consecutively….but i finished lol. After that I was like hmm…what am i going to write about now? I had no inspiration…i mean there was the man bashing, women empowerment, oh i’m in love this day texts, but i wanted to write something with some real substance. something that moved me. something more than the usual to share with you lovelies…& lets just say i have something brewing! (Yes, this is just an update post…sorry lol) I went on a 2-week “mini vaca”…just to have a change of scenery for a change and to remember what it felt like to see people i missed. the feeling got me out of any funk i was in period. i laughed, i cried, i loved…i partied, i relaxed….and i’m feeling more refreshed than i have this year thus far. things are falling into place, and those that aren’t can. just taking it a day at a time. learning that for me organization is key. I can not do any sort of chaotic thinking. LISTS ARE EVERYTHING. prioritizing things and handling one task at a time is a way to get things done in the calmest manner 🙂 but yes…One thing about ‘what you think may be’ the bottom is, you can only go up from there! So…Don’t Worry, Be happy! Everything happens for a reason…take your time on life, but spend it wisely. Smile, beautiful….There’s people that would kill to see you fail.



11 Feb

Here are the results guys!!! Going clockwise: Starting off, end of week one, end of week two, & a “suck in one” which doesn’t count but I had to fill the last square lol


Fast? What fast?

10 Feb

I’m finished!!! I finished my fast yesterday, 14 days of liquids!! Now my results are not as expected results because i am an addict and was cheating in between and superbowl weekend of course i over ate…but i lost a total of 8 pounds and am noticeably smaller. Originally it was 12 pounds but superbowl weekend took 4 of those away 😦 . I would say i went from a size 9 to a 7. (oh and i never mentioned i am 5’0 & weighed 150 before the fast, now 142) If you continue consecutively and include small workouts you should lose about 10-15 lbs in a 2 week span. Overall the fast was hard, especially because i love food sooooo much. but it’s not impossible at all! Now that i’ve finished the fast I don’t even want to eat as much. i find myself staring at the fridge and not wanting anything but fruit or something to drink lol I am slowly weening myself back on to food…trying not to go too hard on meat and will be watching my portions because i don’t want to gain the weight right back (like most people do, and superbowl weekend was proof that it could happen). With this fast and my book that i am still reading (don’t judge me i don’t take the time out i should to read every day) i learned that i used food to not have to face a lot of things. So now when i feel hungry i sit and ask myself…am i really hungry or do i just want to eat….is something wrong that i am trying to put in the back of my mind? and surprisingly i find myself actually facing more of my problems. oh what a difference food can make!!! I will post pictures of the beginning result, after one week, and after the second week to see if you guys notice the difference. Stay tuned!!


” When people s…

5 Feb

” When people show you who they are, believe them “


Day 13? The search…

5 Feb

Okay so today marks Day 13 of my fast which means tomorrow technically would be my last day…but i was a very bad girl this superbowl weekend (couldn’t say no to pizza and wings LOL) so i decided to at least finish a full 14 days. so i will continue my fast throughout the week. But really i am learning the difference between a need and a want. needing to eat and wanting it because it’s there. i’ve learned to apply what i’ve learned during this fast to everyday life as well. wanting more than i need. geesh. Also, i was reading more of my book and she mentioned that some religions look at the stomach as the soul. Which i can’t disagree with, it makes a lot of sense to me. and when my soul feels empty, i eat…even when i am not hungry. so in reality, controlling my compulsive eating isn’t the issue, it’s not even the fact that i feel empty or like something is missing….it’s finding out what that something is.. oh joy.

trying to find what’s missing,


Scorpio Love!

3 Feb

What a Scorpio woman thinks n wants
When one of her possessive tantrums is at display, make sure that you listen very carefully to what she says and explain yourself after she calms down.
Scorpio women are very high-class. Take them out on a date to the museum, opera, a fancy restaurant, an intellectual film or an art show. Scorpio women love to go to these kind of activities and she will love you for it, too.
Don’t ever say anything hurtful about her appearance. If you do this it will stay with her forever, and she will keep taunting and reminding you to make you feel guilty. She’s never forget it, and you will regret it.
Don’t flirt with other women in front of her. This will only make her feel jealous and insecure, the burden of which you will have to bear.
Always appreciate the little things she does for you. This will make her feel great.
Don’t tell her you don’t like her friends, because a Scorpio woman is a very loyal friend and chooses her friends very carefully.
If she gives you attention, respond to it. Don’t ever take her for granted, and never ignore her.
She loves to be taken care of. Baby her and she will love you more.
Compliment her. This will make her feel loved.
If she tells you not to do something, listen to her. She hates people who don’t take her seriously.
When she is angry, just listen. Don’t interrupt, because she’ll sting you in more ways than one!
Think before you speak. The Scorpio woman has a tough exterior, but she’s extremely sensitive.
When a Scorpio loves, she loves with her whole heart. She’s extremely loyal and expects this in return.
Beware of any revenges. Ask her why, and listen to what she says.
NEVER cheat on her! She will find out. She is an expert detective, and she especially loves to investigate the man she loves.
NEVER lie to her. She hates dishonest people.

Black Woman

1 Feb


How can you devalue
and disrespect the black woman
with such reckless disregard
for all the emotional damage
and physical pain you cause?
Do you lack love for your mother?
Do you resent your skin color?
Does the media control your mind?
Or do you see through The Bluest Eye?
Is her strength too much for your false sense of pride?
Did you know that “black woman” is synonymous with “God”?