Day 13? The search…

5 Feb

Okay so today marks Day 13 of my fast which means tomorrow technically would be my last day…but i was a very bad girl this superbowl weekend (couldn’t say no to pizza and wings LOL) so i decided to at least finish a full 14 days. so i will continue my fast throughout the week. But really i am learning the difference between a need and a want. needing to eat and wanting it because it’s there. i’ve learned to apply what i’ve learned during this fast to everyday life as well. wanting more than i need. geesh. Also, i was reading more of my book and she mentioned that some religions look at the stomach as the soul. Which i can’t disagree with, it makes a lot of sense to me. and when my soul feels empty, i eat…even when i am not hungry. so in reality, controlling my compulsive eating isn’t the issue, it’s not even the fact that i feel empty or like something is missing….it’s finding out what that something is.. oh joy.

trying to find what’s missing,


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