Fast? What fast?

10 Feb

I’m finished!!! I finished my fast yesterday, 14 days of liquids!! Now my results are not as expected results because i am an addict and was cheating in between and superbowl weekend of course i over ate…but i lost a total of 8 pounds and am noticeably smaller. Originally it was 12 pounds but superbowl weekend took 4 of those away 😦 . I would say i went from a size 9 to a 7. (oh and i never mentioned i am 5’0 & weighed 150 before the fast, now 142) If you continue consecutively and include small workouts you should lose about 10-15 lbs in a 2 week span. Overall the fast was hard, especially because i love food sooooo much. but it’s not impossible at all! Now that i’ve finished the fast I don’t even want to eat as much. i find myself staring at the fridge and not wanting anything but fruit or something to drink lol I am slowly weening myself back on to food…trying not to go too hard on meat and will be watching my portions because i don’t want to gain the weight right back (like most people do, and superbowl weekend was proof that it could happen). With this fast and my book that i am still reading (don’t judge me i don’t take the time out i should to read every day) i learned that i used food to not have to face a lot of things. So now when i feel hungry i sit and ask myself…am i really hungry or do i just want to eat….is something wrong that i am trying to put in the back of my mind? and surprisingly i find myself actually facing more of my problems. oh what a difference food can make!!! I will post pictures of the beginning result, after one week, and after the second week to see if you guys notice the difference. Stay tuned!!

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