Don’t Worry, Be Happy :)!

28 Feb

Hello Lovebugs!!! 

I haven’t written in what seemed like forever! Went on my whole fast and my thoughts started going a mile a minute! i was trying to focus on so much at once. yikes. well as you know i’ve accomplished by 14 day juice, not consecutively….but i finished lol. After that I was like hmm…what am i going to write about now? I had no inspiration…i mean there was the man bashing, women empowerment, oh i’m in love this day texts, but i wanted to write something with some real substance. something that moved me. something more than the usual to share with you lovelies…& lets just say i have something brewing! (Yes, this is just an update post…sorry lol) I went on a 2-week “mini vaca”…just to have a change of scenery for a change and to remember what it felt like to see people i missed. the feeling got me out of any funk i was in period. i laughed, i cried, i loved…i partied, i relaxed….and i’m feeling more refreshed than i have this year thus far. things are falling into place, and those that aren’t can. just taking it a day at a time. learning that for me organization is key. I can not do any sort of chaotic thinking. LISTS ARE EVERYTHING. prioritizing things and handling one task at a time is a way to get things done in the calmest manner 🙂 but yes…One thing about ‘what you think may be’ the bottom is, you can only go up from there! So…Don’t Worry, Be happy! Everything happens for a reason…take your time on life, but spend it wisely. Smile, beautiful….There’s people that would kill to see you fail.

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