good vs evil

2 Apr

why don’t people appreciate good things? is it because our world is so corrupt that we do not believe in good things? or is it because we are so corrupt that we feel we do not deserve it? 

it’s a constant battle with self. but when you are the good thing, as i like to think of myself as; it becomes a simple fight between good and evil. on the good side, you have to remember that something that is not up to par…has to change on its on. like a relationship with a bad guy; we can see the potential…but the potential can not create change. it has to be wanted, desired, and almost required. you can not FORCE someone to recognize good and appreciate it.

so if you are the good thing, remain the good thing and move on from things that provoke your appropriate train of thought. if you are the bad thing, welp…don’t make the good suffer. we go through that enough. if you are trying to decide whether you want to believe in good things, or want to be able to deserve it….contact us when you’ve reached a conclusion, but don’t drag us through the process.

-Sarah Bellum

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