what happens next?

9 Apr

we have to appreciate the people that come into our lives, regardless of how they leave, and teach us a valuable and much-needed lesson for us to learn. as we grow older we form new relationships; and although we keep a remainder of our old ones, a lot of them are only meant to be in your lives for a season. It may be a really bad season…or a really good season, but they aren’t meant to stay. It doesn’t mean you will never see them again, you may even continue what you started. But when you ask for signs…be sure to go in that direction…instead of creating your own paths to nowhere. It’s like when you’re trying to leave a room and someone is being silly…blocking the doorway lol. & when you’re fun sized like me you’re just going to try to squeeze through, stand there and pout, or just find another way. & sometimes that other way may mean leaving something or someone behind. At least for now. At least in this life.

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