positive vibes

25 Apr

Hey rioters! I’ve been super busy lately, just wanted to check in and remind you guys that i appreciate every one of you! i don’t blog about anything in particular really i just get on and rant every now and again but i hope that one day my life events or story will help someone 🙂

I did want to let you guys in on something though…for the past month or so i’ve been trying this new #positivevibes, #springcleaning movement and i want to encourage each of you to hop on! Basically you start off with Spring Cleaning…getting rid of any and everything that hinders you in life or makes you feel more negative than positive. You continue with the process by not accepting anything that doesn’t bring positive vibes! There will be obstacles and problems but the goal is to handle things and keep it moving but not dwell on things that can not be changed. Keep a mind frame that only positivity can enter…i promise you will see a change in your life! were oddly connected to the universe in this grand mysterious way and our thoughts eventually become our ways of life. Think of what you want out of life and act accordingly & act peacefully.



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