Life at a funeral.

8 May

Bury me in a yellow dress. I’m thinking Canary. My hair high up in a bun…knee highs with no runs. They must be lace, black of course…designs of roses..that of course.  Black classic pump with the red bottom, on my lips I want Ruby Woo…make them look alive.  I want to be colorful, I want y’all to feel my vibes. Family wear black not to mourn but to simply come together. Remember we can plan a pretty picnic, but can’t predict the weather.

Keep your head up for me, do things for the right reasons & never when it’s too late.  Because fate don’t change time and time don’t change fate. Thank the most high for every chance you see the sun shine. Look around at the flowers, remember a Queen…her highness. Remember the sunflower in the room that always shined the brightest. Remember the roses, as soft as my lips…bright…candy dipped.

I wanna look like Belle, from beauty and Beast. Like a diamond in the sky, a yellow star out East. Make me cotton, make me long…make proud, make me strong. Bury me in a yellow dress…with a rose on top of my bible. God invited me to dinner, don’t hold anyone else reliable. He said he liked yellow…I mean, it is the color of the sun..And I think ballerinas are angels, and they wear their hair in a bun. I couldn’t decide on a color shoe, but when in doubt..go with black. And I needed to accent my lips so the bottoms explains that.

Be sure to feel pain, but also feel joy and leave there with a smile. Because if you didn’t do anything else, you made my life and funeral worth while.

© 2013 Joy-anne Naughton

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