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Kanye responds…

22 Oct

Kanye responds to questions about his white Jesus appearance



get rid of it, & fast!

22 Oct

I used to be one of those people that thought fasting was a bunch of poo church folks fed you to get you to stop doing something. I hate to label something I don’t fully understand or haven’t been through as crazy…I only want to know more. I’ve tried “fasting” plenty of times (one of which is documented on my blog), mostly for weight purposes like a lot of women do. I’ve seen it work for so many people (my Grandmother included, who SWEARS by fasting lol), but for me I just couldn’t get through it. So instead of just going for it, I started to ask my peers what they knew about it…which lead to me reading more information on the subject. I read things from bible scriptures to message boards. After reading more I realized I was doing it ALL WRONG. From my understanding it’s almost like a sacrifice to God for you to be healed or blessed, or just to hear Him clearer. I thought back on a time I prayed for a job and gave up smoking for a month and got a call not too long after! Then I thought back on when I fasted before vacations and upcoming photo ops I did not pray about but were only for my own satisfaction. Doing it ALL wrong lol so recently I made a list of temptations and attempted to fast from those things in return for something I desperately needed from The Most High….things I could not achieve on my own. One of my fasts were from meat…I went 12 days without meat, NO CHEATING (besides a few bites of a slim jim..didn’t realize what I was doing, but i prayed about it) and my body started feeling all types of different. I felt closer to God, I felt like I could accomplish anything through Him, I felt lighter…not just physically but mentally as well. Once my fast was over I couldn’t wait to eat a piece of chicken!! The first couple times I got sick but my body eventually got used to it. & now i’m missing how I was feeling and am debating on giving up meat as a long-term lifestyle change. WOW! I sit here and wonder….is this the outcome of my fast? Which surpasses my expectations by a long shot. I aimed for 12 days…NEVER would I have thought I would want to give it up for years and years. God I thank you for opening my eyes and my mind, I thank you for allowing me to do anything through You, I thank you for allowing me to be a walking testimony!! I have not made this permanent decision yet, but I am honest and sure about which side is better for me. All in all, I am a newly-converted believer in fasting THE PROPER WAY….& if it can work for me, it can work for anyone. TRUST ME. Thoughts???????


PS. Do Not make the mistake and confuse a fast with a diet! That was part of my mistake…calling it a fast when it really wasn’t. Part of why I was never really successful..

thin line between love and war.

22 Oct

How does it feel to be on that thin line that separates love from war? How does it feel to be torn between two feelings? How does it feel to not be able to choose between your heart and mind? Between your flesh and your spirit? It’s the most calm chaos you will ever experience. Can you choose a side? Or are you left on the fence forever? On one hand your heart is telling you about the love, the calm,the faith, the peace…and it all makes you smile. Meanwhile your mind is reminding u there’s a war going on outside; that this needs to be done, that this needs to be fixed, that you can’t get too comfortable with that peace because you will watch your life fall apart, you WILL be defeated. You choose to ignore and step over the inevitable because you feel you’re not strong enough for that fight. Being on that thin line feels stagnant, unsure of where to focus your focus. Being torn will have you on the fence saying you don’t want to go either way because no matter what, you’re not complete without having both…the peace keeps you sane and the riot makes you stronger. Can you have sanity without strength? That thin line is a mother. The best thing to do though, is to keep the peace and the riot separate. Don’t let the war make you think your love is not perfect. Peace is within and happens to be a controlled substance. But do not let that calm make you think the chaos is over. In this life, it’s never over. So in all, do you ever choose a side? Or is life one big peaceful riot….one big thin line between love and war?