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get rid of it, & fast!

22 Oct

I used to be one of those people that thought fasting was a bunch of poo church folks fed you to get you to stop doing something. I hate to label something I don’t fully understand or haven’t been through as crazy…I only want to know more. I’ve tried “fasting” plenty of times (one of which is documented on my blog), mostly for weight purposes like a lot of women do. I’ve seen it work for so many people (my Grandmother included, who SWEARS by fasting lol), but for me I just couldn’t get through it. So instead of just going for it, I started to ask my peers what they knew about it…which lead to me reading more information on the subject. I read things from bible scriptures to message boards. After reading more I realized I was doing it ALL WRONG. From my understanding it’s almost like a sacrifice to God for you to be healed or blessed, or just to hear Him clearer. I thought back on a time I prayed for a job and gave up smoking for a month and got a call not too long after! Then I thought back on when I fasted before vacations and upcoming photo ops I did not pray about but were only for my own satisfaction. Doing it ALL wrong lol so recently I made a list of temptations and attempted to fast from those things in return for something I desperately needed from The Most High….things I could not achieve on my own. One of my fasts were from meat…I went 12 days without meat, NO CHEATING (besides a few bites of a slim jim..didn’t realize what I was doing, but i prayed about it) and my body started feeling all types of different. I felt closer to God, I felt like I could accomplish anything through Him, I felt lighter…not just physically but mentally as well. Once my fast was over I couldn’t wait to eat a piece of chicken!! The first couple times I got sick but my body eventually got used to it. & now i’m missing how I was feeling and am debating on giving up meat as a long-term lifestyle change. WOW! I sit here and wonder….is this the outcome of my fast? Which surpasses my expectations by a long shot. I aimed for 12 days…NEVER would I have thought I would want to give it up for years and years. God I thank you for opening my eyes and my mind, I thank you for allowing me to do anything through You, I thank you for allowing me to be a walking testimony!! I have not made this permanent decision yet, but I am honest and sure about which side is better for me. All in all, I am a newly-converted believer in fasting THE PROPER WAY….& if it can work for me, it can work for anyone. TRUST ME. Thoughts???????


PS. Do Not make the mistake and confuse a fast with a diet! That was part of my mistake…calling it a fast when it really wasn’t. Part of why I was never really successful..


11 Feb

Here are the results guys!!! Going clockwise: Starting off, end of week one, end of week two, & a “suck in one” which doesn’t count but I had to fill the last square lol


Fast? What fast?

10 Feb

I’m finished!!! I finished my fast yesterday, 14 days of liquids!! Now my results are not as expected results because i am an addict and was cheating in between and superbowl weekend of course i over ate…but i lost a total of 8 pounds and am noticeably smaller. Originally it was 12 pounds but superbowl weekend took 4 of those away 😦 . I would say i went from a size 9 to a 7. (oh and i never mentioned i am 5’0 & weighed 150 before the fast, now 142) If you continue consecutively and include small workouts you should lose about 10-15 lbs in a 2 week span. Overall the fast was hard, especially because i love food sooooo much. but it’s not impossible at all! Now that i’ve finished the fast I don’t even want to eat as much. i find myself staring at the fridge and not wanting anything but fruit or something to drink lol I am slowly weening myself back on to food…trying not to go too hard on meat and will be watching my portions because i don’t want to gain the weight right back (like most people do, and superbowl weekend was proof that it could happen). With this fast and my book that i am still reading (don’t judge me i don’t take the time out i should to read every day) i learned that i used food to not have to face a lot of things. So now when i feel hungry i sit and ask myself…am i really hungry or do i just want to eat….is something wrong that i am trying to put in the back of my mind? and surprisingly i find myself actually facing more of my problems. oh what a difference food can make!!! I will post pictures of the beginning result, after one week, and after the second week to see if you guys notice the difference. Stay tuned!!

Day 13? The search…

5 Feb

Okay so today marks Day 13 of my fast which means tomorrow technically would be my last day…but i was a very bad girl this superbowl weekend (couldn’t say no to pizza and wings LOL) so i decided to at least finish a full 14 days. so i will continue my fast throughout the week. But really i am learning the difference between a need and a want. needing to eat and wanting it because it’s there. i’ve learned to apply what i’ve learned during this fast to everyday life as well. wanting more than i need. geesh. Also, i was reading more of my book and she mentioned that some religions look at the stomach as the soul. Which i can’t disagree with, it makes a lot of sense to me. and when my soul feels empty, i eat…even when i am not hungry. so in reality, controlling my compulsive eating isn’t the issue, it’s not even the fact that i feel empty or like something is missing….it’s finding out what that something is.. oh joy.

trying to find what’s missing,


Fast-Day 9

30 Jan

Today marks day 9 of my juice fast….it’s getting easier and easier every day (despite the fact that i am PMS’ng currently and craving meat!). I started at 150 and am now at 142. 8 lbs in 9 days!! they say it should be more…you should loose about 10 lbs a week, but i started working out…which idk was a good or bad thing so now my body is building muscle which slowed down my weight loss. So i’m going to stop working out….i want to lose the weight and then once i start back eating i will work out and sculpt my body to where i want it to be. But remember it’s not all about the weight! i’m feeling okay…still feeling that “missing” feeling but this fast has me thinking harder about every aspect of my life. when you can’t eat….to keep your mind off of food you start thinking, what else can i think about…and boy oh boy the things that come to mind. Right now i’m focusing on the good and bad relationships in my life. Trying not to go against what my heart is telling me rather than whats obvious to the eye. Still reading “women, food, and God” and Geneen made some valuable points in the chapter i just finished. She said something along the lines of (or this is what i got from it) there has to be a balance between logic and feelings. Stop going against what your gut is telling you….Be smart about situations but understand that often the gut feeling is the God in you talking…while the logic is simply brain power and ways of the world. But you find that when you follow your heart, you tend to be A LOT happier. Even if your gut is telling you to make the decision logic tells you NOT to…it could be for a lesson that God wants you to learn. Outcome, you can’t outsmart your gut. period. So that’s where i’m at with this…looking at the relationships in my life…my friends, my family, the things they tell me, the things they say…compared to how i feel. Because every big decision or change in your life starts with a choice…and one of those choices is who you have in your life, & why you have them there.

Torn between my head and heart…and hungry,


Fast-Day 4 or 5

25 Jan

Sooooo tonight I am having spaghetti, that’s right….FOOD! This is the longest I’ve fasted, EVER and “Lawd Jesus it’s a Fahr!” I am not as strong as most and if I don’t have a meal it’s over with! Trust me I know myself and my body better than anyone! Soooo say a little prayer for me tonight that this doesn’t happen again. 10 more days yiiiiiikes.
PS, I started on Monday…does this make Friday Day 4 or Day 5?

Fast – Day 3

23 Jan

I was told the first 3 days are the hardest, if so…i’m ready for this! Whenever i get hungry…i drink more, go pray, find something to do to keep busy. Yesterday was my first day out of the house on my fast and i got through it! My friend even had pizza in the back seat and as BAD as i wanted to cheat, i didn’t. OMG it was hard, Pizza is my kryptonite!! Today I am craving steak and mashed potatoes, urghhh. and even though i just finished the large smoothie i made for breakfast i think i made myself hungry again by thinking about it. Now, logic tells you i’m not hungry i just had a smoothie, but my stomach is growling and feeling empty. oh the power of mind control!! going to pray LOL

wanting everything unhealthy,

greedy Lovelace.