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get rid of it, & fast!

22 Oct

I used to be one of those people that thought fasting was a bunch of poo church folks fed you to get you to stop doing something. I hate to label something I don’t fully understand or haven’t been through as crazy…I only want to know more. I’ve tried “fasting” plenty of times (one of which is documented on my blog), mostly for weight purposes like a lot of women do. I’ve seen it work for so many people (my Grandmother included, who SWEARS by fasting lol), but for me I just couldn’t get through it. So instead of just going for it, I started to ask my peers what they knew about it…which lead to me reading more information on the subject. I read things from bible scriptures to message boards. After reading more I realized I was doing it ALL WRONG. From my understanding it’s almost like a sacrifice to God for you to be healed or blessed, or just to hear Him clearer. I thought back on a time I prayed for a job and gave up smoking for a month and got a call not too long after! Then I thought back on when I fasted before vacations and upcoming photo ops I did not pray about but were only for my own satisfaction. Doing it ALL wrong lol so recently I made a list of temptations and attempted to fast from those things in return for something I desperately needed from The Most High….things I could not achieve on my own. One of my fasts were from meat…I went 12 days without meat, NO CHEATING (besides a few bites of a slim jim..didn’t realize what I was doing, but i prayed about it) and my body started feeling all types of different. I felt closer to God, I felt like I could accomplish anything through Him, I felt lighter…not just physically but mentally as well. Once my fast was over I couldn’t wait to eat a piece of chicken!! The first couple times I got sick but my body eventually got used to it. & now i’m missing how I was feeling and am debating on giving up meat as a long-term lifestyle change. WOW! I sit here and wonder….is this the outcome of my fast? Which surpasses my expectations by a long shot. I aimed for 12 days…NEVER would I have thought I would want to give it up for years and years. God I thank you for opening my eyes and my mind, I thank you for allowing me to do anything through You, I thank you for allowing me to be a walking testimony!! I have not made this permanent decision yet, but I am honest and sure about which side is better for me. All in all, I am a newly-converted believer in fasting THE PROPER WAY….& if it can work for me, it can work for anyone. TRUST ME. Thoughts???????


PS. Do Not make the mistake and confuse a fast with a diet! That was part of my mistake…calling it a fast when it really wasn’t. Part of why I was never really successful..



5 Jun

Wow has it really been that long since I’ve been on here? Sorry Rioters I’m in VA with my sisters 🙂 will post a pic later but…I’m in thought right now.

I’m thinking about LIFE. And about what it means to be free. I mean you can’t






, without really feeling completely liberated. For me at least. I want to be at complete peace and completely enjoy what has been given to me. I want to be so wrapped up in God that if you aren’t as well, you won’t desire to be around me. Those are things I pray for. If everyone could feel the same way, more people would be more concerned with good rather than bad. Life is special. And everything happens for a reason. Do good things.

©2013 Joy Naughton

All About My Blog!

19 May

I have a lot of new followers (thanks guys! :)) & i also made some changes to my blog because it was so unorganized and all over the place (kinda like me >.< lol)…so I wanted to give a brief description on what I blog about & go into details about my categories. I write about life and love in every aspect. I consider my life a peaceful riot and some days I come on and just discuss a life situation, vent, etc. My goal is that maybe one day someone will learn something or be able to carry my life situations and apply it to their life. Many people blog about things that have no relevance to others’ lives. i am not ashamed of the events, fortunate or unfortunate, that occur in my life. I consider myself a life model. I allow myself to be bare for you and show you REAL LIFE. Not these make believe things people talk about. Make believe is what had my mind thinking my life was all wrong. So enjoy my every day life and take from it and pay it forward! ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME 🙂


Groovy stuff is about life and love….poems, quotes,real-life stories, etc. These are the things that I believe will help SOMEONE OUT THERE in one way or another. My life is just as chaotic as anyone else’s! I got so tired of reading cliche material….like people are ashamed of their REAL LIFE, GOOD AND/OR BAD. So i wanted to create a section where I could basically openly discuss my peaceful riot in hopes that someone could relate. 

I am addicted to food!! but I have the desire to be fit and healthy. Yes, you can love food and still be fit and healthy but I am addicted to pizza, pastas, burgers, etc lol yeah you see my flow. I also hate working out! I actually just recently got a gym membership and the more I go the more I enjoy it….once you see results you start to become an addict in that aspect as well. So join me on trying to become a healthier, more fit woman! 

ALL praises due is a category about my walk with God, which is not an easy one. My faith is Hebrew Isrealite/Jew. But I am more spiritual than religious because I feel it is about YOUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH WHO YOU BELIEVE TO BE THE MOST HIGH. & i understand that many people, especially within my age bracket (I am 23 btw), have problems with ending their old life and having a new, obedient, life. We can do this together!! 

& uh…GAL POWER DUH! all my life i’ve been a ‘girly girl’….& that’s because I understand the importance of being a woman 🙂 We are the glue that holds it all together…even with all of our emotions, mood swings,indecisiveness, etc lol. Sometimes we just need that girl talk, or even just to see other women doing powerful things, that motivation, that help when we don’t know wtf to do lol WHO RUN THE WORLD?

all feedback, opinions, & comments are welcome! interact with me & i follow back :)!

Use me!

17 May

so not too long ago, i had a dream that i was on a train with my cousin talking about getting our lives right with God. After a while on the train my cousin ended up falling asleep. While she was sleep the topic was still heavy on my mind so i called someone to pray with/for me. As i was calling the train started to fall off of the tracks over a bridge! i woke up as the train hit the ground. WHAT A DREAM? Usually when i have dreams they all have some kind of way of coming true or to send me a powerful message. I definitely received it. Do not wait until it is too late to get right! & that’s with anything, but more so with who you believe to be the most high. Lately i have been wasting no time and beginning to create and shape the kind of future i want for myself. I have been trying to remain healthy and take care of my body by watching what i eat along with plenty exercise! Working out has me feeling better than ever!! Also, i have been praying and praying for God to give me answers on certain problems in my life and also to bring me closer to his word. A lot of changes have been going on in my life and i now understand why. Last night i happened to turn to a random page in my Bible, something told me to stop there and just read. It happened to be the book of Colossians Chapter 2 Verses 6-23 & Chapter 3 Verses 1-25. It speaks of living a new life and walking in the path God has provided for us. Explains to us the dos and don’ts and also the why’s and why not’s. i encourage you all to read it 🙂 it spoke to me and answered every question i had. It was so intentional and deliberate that i KNEW GOD brought me to read that, at that moment, for a specific purpose; and i knew i was ready to change my life. I understood why i am having certain problems, why people are being removed from life, and what i must do now….now that i TRULY BELIEVE IN MY HEART.  It will be a struggle & i much prayer will be needed to make it through, but i believe it will be worth it. Delight in the Lord & receive the desires of your heart (Psalms 37:4). God Bless 🙂

Black Woman

1 Feb


How can you devalue
and disrespect the black woman
with such reckless disregard
for all the emotional damage
and physical pain you cause?
Do you lack love for your mother?
Do you resent your skin color?
Does the media control your mind?
Or do you see through The Bluest Eye?
Is her strength too much for your false sense of pride?
Did you know that “black woman” is synonymous with “God”?


Walk by faith…

22 Jan

If love was real, we would believe what we feel

If compassion was great, we would have less hate

If we counted on prayer, life would be fair

& if in everyone was a little good, we would have hope like we should.

We are told to walk by faith and not by sight, but what is a vision if you can not see. What is a dream if you do not believe? 

In my sleep He came to me, whispered in my ear such a great epiphany. He said when i wake i will see the sun, from that moment faith has begun. I look around and see the trees, how foolish of me to not believe. i touched the ground and i felt love…and then i looked at the skies above. and in the moment, i knew i wasn’t alone….i knew this is where i live, but it wasn’t home. 

If we believed what we feel, love would seem more real.

If we had less hate, compassion would be great.

Realize life is fair, for those who count on prayer. 

A vision isn’t always one you see, and in order to dream…you must believe. Walk by faith, & not be sight…and understand that this is NOT your fight. 

Loving and Believing, 



No matter what …

22 Jan

No matter what we weigh, those of us who are compulsive eaters have anorexia of the soul.

-Geneen Roth