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Curl Pattern :)

31 Mar

Curl Pattern :)

Giving Ms.Frizzle some deep condition 🙂



30 Mar
















27 Mar

he had eyes like i’ve never seen before. so deep and full of life. i made sure to never make eye contact for longer than i needed just to view the beautiful site. daydreaming about the love he maybe offers, he caught me in a stare.

everything was there. everything was there.

whatever i was missing, whatever void i had….existed no more.

tickled, i giggled.

butterflies…..i anticipated his smooth lies.

heart pounding…..wondering what his touch was like.

legs crossing…imagining how he felt. 

i found lust…deep in a stare.





in a sea of tim…

27 Mar

in a sea of time never get drowned by the idea of love,

and don’t let the anchor of nostalgia hold you down.

-Sarah Bellum


22 Mar

i always wondered what it felt like to be an addict. Never wanted to really experience it, but i always wondered…how could you want something so bad? How can you let something control and consume you…a drug that you know is no good for you? Then i slipped and tripped into your arms and next thing i know i fell in love. i was high. for the first time in my life i was really high. hit after hit i couldn’t get enough. didn’t know if it was your love drug or if i got bit by the love bug…but either way i had to have it. Cloud 9 was an understatement, i was touching the heavens. i was soaring the clear blue skies like the bird i always wanted to be. i thought i was free. one day you came to me, and told me that you had to leave. you said it was getting to real and you couldn’t allow yourself to feel. my love, my dealer, my drug….but…

i was numb. i was hopeless. i’d give anything to be high. i’d give anything to soar those skies. just one last hit baby and i swear i’ll be alright…

the thought of it consumed me. the time spent ruined me. 

i know what it’s like to be an addict. i know what it’s like to be high and not have it. my dealer…my drug…my only first love.


9 Mar

if i was a bird, i would flee from this land and never look back,

head high, wings in tact.

flapping, flapping, soaring, soaring….

realizing life standing still is just too boring.

if i was a bird, i’ll leave this place,

fleeing disaster, and fleeing hate. 

watching life from the sky,

oh what it’s like to be this high.

if i was a bird, i would just escape,

on the way to destiny, i mustn’t be late.

oh what i would do just to fly,

to steal the day, and disappear by night.

I guess it was meant for me to be strong,

to let the birds sing my song…

to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground,

body in tact, mind is sound.

i’m not a bird, i’m a girl…

living in a crazy world.

i can not fly, i can only walk.

i can not chirp, i can only talk.

but even though, i have legs..

i can not run away.

Unlike those birds, i have to stay.

& let my emotions, sway.








Ruin is a gift….

9 Mar

Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation. We must always be prepared for endless transformation.

-Eat, Pray, Love.