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Single, Black, Catch.

30 Jan

So there’s this “situation” if you must that has been on my mind for a while now. I have a friend named, TC…TC is very attractive, in school working on her Masters i believe, own place, own car, very down to earth, and basically an all around good girl. hasn’t been smutted out, family oriented, and doesn’t have any children etc etc. WHY IS SHE SINGLE? & it’s not JUST her…i know a number of women who have the same characteristics and are in the same boat. Guys ask for these things in a women but when given the type of woman he asks for, he folds under pressure and effs it up, just effs it up with no pressure given, or simply just does not go for a girl like her. Instead he goes for the opposite. my perception of it is….they notice the good woman but thinks she deserves better, in other words…a man willing to commit to her. Y’all pass up these good women because you are not ready to commit…or be the man she needs or wants you to be. So you either leave her be or you get her to like you and then ask her to…”wait”.  Am i correct? why are a number of our black women still in the same single category when they are ‘the catch’??? & if my theory is correct…when will you guys grow up and realize he who finds a wife, finds a good thing? one day the run around will get old and by then it will be too late…you’ll go back to that good girl that cared and she will be no more. blah. BTW, you can follow TC on twitter and instagram @TeshiaClashey


Fast-Day 9

30 Jan

Today marks day 9 of my juice fast….it’s getting easier and easier every day (despite the fact that i am PMS’ng currently and craving meat!). I started at 150 and am now at 142. 8 lbs in 9 days!! they say it should be more…you should loose about 10 lbs a week, but i started working out…which idk was a good or bad thing so now my body is building muscle which slowed down my weight loss. So i’m going to stop working out….i want to lose the weight and then once i start back eating i will work out and sculpt my body to where i want it to be. But remember it’s not all about the weight! i’m feeling okay…still feeling that “missing” feeling but this fast has me thinking harder about every aspect of my life. when you can’t eat….to keep your mind off of food you start thinking, what else can i think about…and boy oh boy the things that come to mind. Right now i’m focusing on the good and bad relationships in my life. Trying not to go against what my heart is telling me rather than whats obvious to the eye. Still reading “women, food, and God” and Geneen made some valuable points in the chapter i just finished. She said something along the lines of (or this is what i got from it) there has to be a balance between logic and feelings. Stop going against what your gut is telling you….Be smart about situations but understand that often the gut feeling is the God in you talking…while the logic is simply brain power and ways of the world. But you find that when you follow your heart, you tend to be A LOT happier. Even if your gut is telling you to make the decision logic tells you NOT to…it could be for a lesson that God wants you to learn. Outcome, you can’t outsmart your gut. period. So that’s where i’m at with this…looking at the relationships in my life…my friends, my family, the things they tell me, the things they say…compared to how i feel. Because every big decision or change in your life starts with a choice…and one of those choices is who you have in your life, & why you have them there.

Torn between my head and heart…and hungry,


Fast-Day 4 or 5

25 Jan

Sooooo tonight I am having spaghetti, that’s right….FOOD! This is the longest I’ve fasted, EVER and “Lawd Jesus it’s a Fahr!” I am not as strong as most and if I don’t have a meal it’s over with! Trust me I know myself and my body better than anyone! Soooo say a little prayer for me tonight that this doesn’t happen again. 10 more days yiiiiiikes.
PS, I started on Monday…does this make Friday Day 4 or Day 5?

Fast – Day 3

23 Jan

I was told the first 3 days are the hardest, if so…i’m ready for this! Whenever i get hungry…i drink more, go pray, find something to do to keep busy. Yesterday was my first day out of the house on my fast and i got through it! My friend even had pizza in the back seat and as BAD as i wanted to cheat, i didn’t. OMG it was hard, Pizza is my kryptonite!! Today I am craving steak and mashed potatoes, urghhh. and even though i just finished the large smoothie i made for breakfast i think i made myself hungry again by thinking about it. Now, logic tells you i’m not hungry i just had a smoothie, but my stomach is growling and feeling empty. oh the power of mind control!! going to pray LOL

wanting everything unhealthy,

greedy Lovelace.

Love Addict

23 Jan

Love is my addiction, i think i need it to survive.

With no love, i rather not be alive.

I need it in my veins, when it hits me i feel no pain.

my love has no shame, and it loves me the same.

love causes you to smile, blush, and glow

why anyone wouldn’t want it, i wouldn’t know.

don’t try to lace my love drug with your hate

and when i get my munchies keep your hands out my plate

yeah, love will have you a little stingy and not wanting to share

but where were you when my love wasn’t there?

Love is my addiction, and i’m always needing a fix

& once i’m feeling really good, i add affection and compassion into my mix

ohhh what it’s like to be that high, oh what it’s like to cry a joyful cry

love i need you to get by, without you i just might die

don’t tell me too much of anything can harm you or worse

because i don’t care, i may even over dose

This ‘drug’ was given to me by the dealer above

and he said there’s nothing wrong with my addiction to love. 





23 Jan


Perfect way to jump start your morning!! Day 3!

Just a conspiracy or WHAT?!

22 Jan

[ I came across a photo on Facebook of the President &first lady’s first dance and came across this comment, posted by a user named: Zion Omega. Thought it was umm…interesting, what do you think? ]


Wake up America! Are these things true? God’s Word and Son is!
In 1911, Turkey established GUN CONTROL. From 1915-1917, about 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up & EXTERMINATED.
In 1929, the Soviet Union established GUN CONTROL. From 1929-1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up & EXTERMINATED.
In 1938, Germany established GUN CONTROL. From 1939-1945, about 13 million Jews and others, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and EXTERMINATED.
In 1935, China established GUN CONTROL. From 1948-1952, about 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and EXTERMINATED.
In 1964, Guatemala established GUN CONTROL. From 1964-1981, about 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and EXTERMINATED.
In 1970, Uganda established GUN CONTROL. From 1971-1979, about 300,000 CHRISTIANS, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and EXTERMINATED.
In 1956, Cambodia established GUN CONTROL. From 1975-1977, about 1 million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and EXTERMINATED.
In the 20th century, because of GUN CONTROL and lack of means to support the elite due to too many people than there are jobs to support even their own means, governments think the answer is EXTERMINATION. In 2013, Obama establishes GUN CONTROL. In 2013-2015, Obama rounds up everyone for a flu epidemic, that our Government started for POPULATION CONTROL, but on a smaller scale. Obama creates the same epidemic to be world wide by enforcing his shots into our children in order for them to attend school and elderly in order to receive social security, causing the epidemic, marshal and shariah law to be in effect worldwide, and he promotes himself to be above and have power over the GOD of gods. Then he rounds up all that denies his GUN CONTROL, FLU SHOT, AND MICROCHIP, and tries to EXTERMINATE AMERICANS and all Christ beings that WILL NOT worship, follow him or accept his mark, by forcing them to take his epidemic shot or else fend for your own food water and shelter without his new money chip! Only those believing in the epidemic of the POWER OF THE BLOOD, SPIRIT, WATER, FATHER and WORDS OF JESUS CHRIST over the power of anything else, will be saved, overcome and be redeemed, purified and sanctified from man’s ANTI-CHRIST conscience (THE BEAST)! Kill Christ flesh with a gun, and your flesh can or will receive the same. Kill with a flu shot, and die by the same conscience! See and treat every CREATION and BEING as being and having the flesh, Spirit, Blood, Father, DNA, life and nature of JESUS CHRIST only in existence, nature and ourselves while entertaining God’s righteousness, not having, believing in or entertaining man’s knowledge and actions of anti-living Christ or mortality in Creation or Nature anymore and receive immortal, eternal life with Living CHRIST Substances only, no matter what happens! Let every man’s conscience knowledge be made a lie and let GOD’s WORD, PURITY, SPIRIT and SONs BLOOD, be TRUTH as reality in all of existence of realms in times past, present and future of the universes and beyond, eternally and forevermore, with living Christ frequencies of GOD’s Living Light, Word, Water and substances only, be the only truth Omnipotently and Omnipresently, in the name of our Lord, JESUS CHRIST! AMEN!!!! IT IS DONE! I AM ONE with, the physical and expressional compressed light result of the beginning conscience, pure reality with God and Eden. I AM the compressed ending result and reality with God, which is One and the same, God and Eden reality, on Earth!